Puzzling Symptoms

Clifton Meador

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Become a medical detective! Let Dr. Clifton K. Meador’s Puzzling Symptoms teach you how to find the cause of mysterious maladies that, even after endless tests and doctor visits, have befuddled the experts. Filled with fascinating true stories, Puzzling Symptoms also has the charts you need to help determine the source of lingering ailments.

The Good Doctor Meador has followed his classic ‘doctoring’ books with this fine and folksy volume that makes it easy for patients and families to understand their doctors and their own crucial participation in their healing. All doctors and patients should read it!
- Dr. Samuel Shem, author of The House of God, Mount Misery and the play Bill W. and Dr. Bob

Puzzling Symptoms is a book of uncommon wisdom. Through the rich use of clinical vignettes, Dr. Meador offers immense relief to those with persistent symptoms that elude easy diagnosis. The book is easy to read, even conversational, and wonderfully instructive. Puzzling Symptoms is obviously the work of a master clinician and educator.
- Marc D. Feldman, M.D., author of Playing Sick and Stranger Than Fiction: When Our Minds Betray

Exquisitely written, Meador’s Puzzling Symptoms provides a clear paradigm for patients dealing with medical conditions that defy categorization. Meador’s emphasis on journaling and transparency within the patient/physician relationship will undoubtedly help many patients discover the ‘demonstrable cause’ for his or her symptoms. Puzzling Symptoms reveals that Meador has truly learned the art of listening to patients to uncover the most unlikely of diagnoses. His humorous knack for relating findings gleaned over years of practice will keep you engaged to the last page.
-Ann Price, M.D., Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
Executive Director, Vanderbilt Medical Alumni Affairs, Vanderbilt School of Medicine

ISBN: 9781934980118
144 pages

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