SoLiAh - The Sara Jane Olson Story

Sharon Darby Hendry

SoLiAh - The Sara Jane Olson Story

Long before the 9/11 Muslim extremist attacks on America, the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) earned a frightening nationwide reputation as “homeland” terrorists. They kidnapped publishing heiress Patty Hearst, robbed numerous banks, and bombed police cars. In Los Angeles, several members met a fiery end after a horrific gun battle with police. The surviving members fled and began new lives with new identities. SoLiAh is the tale of a terrorist--one SLA survivor, Kathleen Soliah, who hid in plain sight for over twenty years as Sara Jane Olson, a popular gourmet cook and devoted soccer mom with a loving husband and three talented daughters, until discovered in America’s Heartland and brought to justice. For everyone who wants to relive the intense political and emotional tensions surrounding the Vietnam War, the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and the radical culture of the 1960s and 1970s, this book is a must-read.

This book is an important contribution to our understanding of America's homegrown terrorists and their roots in the New Left.
- David Horowitz, author of Radical Son and The Art of Political War

SoLiAh should stand in your bookcase alongside Patty Hearst's Every Secret Thing as an in-depth chronicle and understanding of our very own home-grown terrorists. It delves behind the news into the whys and wherefores of reaicals, extremists and terrorists. A good read into a fascinating facet of Americana.
- Alvin Moscow (with Patty Hearst), author of Every Secret Thing

This powerful true crime story reads like a novel and gives the reader an inside look at how a small, self-absorbed righteous group of zealots crossed the line and became terrorists. I couldn't put it down.
- Vince Flynn, New York Times bestselling author of Term Limits, Transfer of Power, The Third Option and Separation of Power.

In SoLiAh, Hendry writes more than the history of one single person, she captures the intensity of a whole era. Meticulous research and careful reconstruction of the facts give an amazing view of the life this fugitive has led. A riveting read!
- Mary Logue, author of Dark Coulee and Glare Ice

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